Galentines 2013

Thanks so much to all who joined us for the first annual Galentines Event! We loved hearing what you had to say about it... here's a sampling of your comments:

My V-Day: @mandisaofficial's #GALentinesEvent simulcasted, homemade lasagna, OrangeCrush & Banana Pudding Ice Cream. Spoiling myself yall!

Had a blast! Best Valentine's Day ever!

A FB friend was there & posted a video of you dancing. Looked so fun! Hope it becomes a tradition so I can make it one year!

Thanks for Galentines! It was very refreshing to have something for single people!!

FANTABULOUS! So thrilled this GE was put together! Now to enjoy being single and wait for my Holy Hotty!

Absolutely love every minute of Galentines! I am no longer afraid of being single!

Thank you so much for your testimony tonight. As a woman who struggles with her weight and is single I was encouraged/loved

Lovin this #GalentinesEvent so much! I so needed this! His timing is perfect! I'm filled w/ joy & comfort!

Thanks to the ladies at the #GalentinesEvent! So encouraging! It's good to know I'm not on this road alone!

You could feel the presence of the Lord in the building and lives have been touched. I left with a renewed spirit to continue on in my ministry. The event was so refreshing....

GALentines Event was SO encouraging!!!!! Thanks for having a heart and a vision for other single Christian women!

Thank you so much for hosting the Galentines Event!! Although we couldn't be there in person, my friend and I watched via the simulcast. There were so many nuggets that we took away from the discussion.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed this Galentines Simulcast! I feel so blessed to have heard about it on K-Love about 2 weeks ago. Thanks to you and all the inspiring Ladies with you tonite for taking the time to encourage and be transparent to all of us Single Ladies on such a special day of Love. Although we come from many different paths God is calling us to walk this journey together and it's so amazing to see other Women living and spreading the message of our worth in the eyes of God...God is sooo incredibly amazing and in his eyes we are More than Enough!!!

Galentines may have just had a major impact on my life. Galentines is that line in the sand for me to say, this is how I lived my life before this event and this is how I'm living changed after it! Thanks for having a significant impact on my life!